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We are your one stop platform for all things personal finance, business coaching and personal development. We provide you with the training, accountability and support that you need to take control of your life. 

Our Services

Personal Finance Coaching

One-on-one sessions designed to equip you to manage your money better at any level of income, learn effective budgeting techniques and get out of debt. We also equip you to fully understand investments and to monetize the things you love to do.

Business Coaching

Tailored sessions to help you start, run and scale your business profitably with training on building systems and structures, social media marketing and managing money and cash flow in the business. We train you to be the CEO of your business, to scale it, to give it fortune 500 company treatment and to stop running it like a hobby.

Life Coaching

Life coaching and an accountability program that equips you with effective goal setting skills and resources to help you track and document your progress in a very realistic but results-generating way.

Corporate Training

Workshops to educate your staff on financial literacy, investing and better money management to ensure they escape the vicious cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.

Chama Group Training

Training on investment options available for Chamas, budgeting, investment planning and designing working systems and structures for the group.

Brands That Trust Us

Standard Chartered Bank

Why Us?

We provide you with the training, accountability and support that you need to take control of your life


A safe space to have personal conversations without judgement


Constant guidance & support to help you crush your goals and stay consistent 


We have trained multiple company staff  and over 500 individuals

Zero to Hero

We quantum leap your development by helping you come up with a plan and a clear, actionable strategy for implementation and sustainability.

Humanized Service


This is what our clients say about us.

Media Appearances

Business Daily: Kenyans turn to Instagram, YouTube to learn about wealth management

Susan is among the few Kenyans that are providing money and wealth management information on digital platforms.

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