Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder

Meet Susan

Hi There, 

Welcome to my little corner on the internet. I am Susan, a finance & investments professional, a personal finance coach and a certified life coach! I founded The Legacy Hub KE, which is your one stop platform for all things personal finance coaching, business coaching & life coaching.

I founded my company in a season of my life where I had lost a job, I was deep in debt (both personal and inherited debt), and I understand lack, deficits, black tax and generational poverty all too well! In 2019, I started taking personal finance seriously, started documenting everything I learnt on my social media platforms, and today, I am debt free, with a good investment portfolio and I run a personal finance coaching company full time!

I have seen the power of taking a more active role in the management of my finances. Three years ago, debt freedom sounded like a funny joke to me because I was so deep in it. But with understanding the simple principles of effective budgeting, working on my money mindset and embracing personal finance as an active part of my everyday life, the tide turned for me. 

I want to take you with me on this journey. I only teach what I know, what I’ve learned from practice, what I’ve experienced and accomplished myself. The resources, courses and services on this platform are especially tailor made to take you from zero to hero! 

You can get personal finance nuggets from me regularly on my social media platforms and newsletter, get private coaching from me, buy the resources from our shop, book me for a group training or a speaking engagement in your events (all these are linked on this website).
Let me support you to pursue and become the best version of yourself. Let’s normalize money conversations and properly secure this bag, okay?

A Keynote Speaker

Like No Other...

Susan is a sought after keynote speaker on matters of financial literacy and personal development in African communities. Susan is passionate about community empowerment, financial literacy and helping individuals and SMEs attain the best versions of themselves and to leave a legacy.

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Media Appearances

With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for empowering others, Susan has been featured in various media outlets, sharing her insights on managing finances, overcoming debts, and achieving holistic personal growth. Her media appearances are not just a testament to her expertise but also an opportunity to inspire and educate a wider audience.

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