Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Last updated: 13th April 2022

This page informs you of our refund policy.

Digital products bought from this website are final and non-refundable. Ensure you download the resource within 24 hours of your purchase, because the download link expires. A 5% fee will be charged if we have to resend the resource to you manually.

In general these guidelines apply for coaching refunds and cancellations:

Once The Legacy Hub KE has scheduled sessions with the Client, they are considered set appointments, which affect our ability to schedule any other clients in that time slot. We therefore don’t offer any refunds in this case. Any missed sessions or cancelled sessions will be rescheduled and not be refunded.

For online self paced courses and digital done-for-you products, once a product, a course or a Masterclass has been purchased, no refunds shall be offered.

We reserve the right to modify or terminate services and the Client-Company relationship at any time for reasons such as, but not limited to, dangerous or criminal behaviour on the part of the Client, inappropriate or offensive behaviour from the Client, or irresponsible or disrespectful behavior from the Client.

The Legacy Hub KE will notify the Client with the reason for termination or modification and notice that it is effective immediately on the day that we contact the Client about modification or termination. In such situations, at the discretion of The Legacy Hub KE, a refund may or may not be issued for any remaining sessions or services that were paid for but not completed.