Work With Coach Susan

One-on-one sessions designed to equip you to manage your money better at any level of income, learn effective budgeting techniques and get out of debt. We also equip you to fully understand investments and to monetize the things you love to do.

Budgeting 101

  1. Customized budget creation and review
  2. Training on how to budget efficiently for needs, wants, projects, savings and investments
  3. Debt management and repayment strategies
  4. Setting up systems to ensure you remain consistent in your savings and investments
Duration: 2 Sessions of 2 hours each
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: KES 7,000

The Basics of Investments

  1. Introduction to personal investment principles
  2. Unit Trusts E.g. Money Market Funds
  3. Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds
  4. The Stock Market (NSE)
  5. Retirement Planning and Pension Funds
  6. Understanding Real Estate
  7. Customized personal investment Portfolio
Duration: 4 Sessions of 2 hours each
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: KES 16,000

Biashara Smart (Business Coaching)

  1. Clarifying your business idea and your why
  2. Business set-up best practices
  3. Setting up systems to run your business professionally (SOPs)
  4. Understanding working capital and paying yourself a salary
  5. Money management and accounting for your business
  6. Social media marketing best practices
  7. Strategy & planning for the business
Duration: 5 Sessions of 2 hours each
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: KES 20,000

Money EQ

  1. Money personalities and habits to avoid based on your money personality
  2. Debunking myths about income and wealth
  3. Eliminating emotional decision making in money matters and spending
  4. How to improve your emotional intelligence on money matters
Duration: 2 Sessions of 2 hours each
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: KES 7,000

The Go-Getter (Life Coaching)

  1. Customized goal-setting session with templates and follow up resources
  2. Training on effective goal-setting skills  to help you track and document your progress throughout the year
  3. Annual vision board activity
  4. Creation of your 5-year strategic plan
Duration: 3 Sessions of 2 hours each
Platform: Zoom
Pricing: KES 12,000

Full Program

Get all the 5-modules in a 16-week intensive coaching program at discounted offer of KES 55,000.

KES 62,000

KES 55,000

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Terms & Conditions
1. Payments: All payments are made upfront in order to secure your slots for the coaching sessions. Once you fill in the registration form above, you will receive the payment details in your email.

2. Refunds: When you buy a package of time with us, we commit to have enough time available to serve you. Our commitment to you affects how many other clients we can take on. For that reason, we don’t offer refunds on unused hours or allow unused hours to roll over to the next month

3. Confidentiality: We adhere to a strict confidentiality code and no information or course material will be divulged to a third party.